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No Slacking Lyrics

Black Smurf – No Slacking Lyrics

[Verse 1: Black Smurf]
It's just me against you all ain't no telling who straight
Safe just a safety word when you cruise through my state
Stay in the mask place for this mind rip ya' face off
To my last call on a ball call me John Wall
Tall and man only take time to cut [?]
If I finna hit ya'
In a ditch
Where ya' body fall
Lay you down to rest for cash it ain't nothing mane
Either you gon' hustle or gon' struggle or be in a cage
I don't love this life but see this life can get me paid quick
She look at me she said she think my life amazing
I'm pistol packing just in case she try to play me
There's no relaxing catch ya slipping if ya' lazy
She said this money turned me to an asshole
She say she different but she act just like my last hoe
All in my pockets tryna pimp me for my cash flow
Want all my money cause she broke bitch why ya cash low
You see the Hustle God straight on his cash shit
The master plan is to be wealthy living lavish
To my old squad [?]
Forever putting on for my people with no slacking
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