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King's Kush Lyrics

Black Smurf – King's Kush Lyrics

Come and vibe with me hoe
Come and vibe with me hoe
Come and vibe with me hoe
Come and vibe with me hoe...

[Hook x4]
Come and vibe with me hoe
Come and vibe with me hoe

[Verse 1]
Come and vibe with me hoe, love wave god yeah I know
[?], bitch I'm real, no John Doe
20 bitches blowing smoke, threesome in my UFO
White bitch with a camel toe, she just wanna fuck my crew
Nigga first I fuck your wife, after that I fuck my hoe
White bandana yeah I like, [?]
She just love to rug my ice, I put diamonds in her throat
Lick my nuts, I sip that lean, tell her suck me hella slow
Come and vibe with me hoe, live life high with me hoe
30 minute fucked the bitch, roll the blunt I'm at the door
I smoke weed too much I know, fucked your hoe, I let her go
Gotta fit the lean [?]


[Verse 2]
I got so much on my mind, ain't but half a gram to smoke
Made the bitch go buy 4 more, now that's how you trick a hoe
Yeah I let her roll my blunt, after that I count these ends
First I let her suck my dick, then she watch me fuck her friend
Damn these bitches love wave god, niggas wish they was wave god
Niggas need stay in your lane, bitches need to play your part
Keep that money on your mind, don't be stressing 'bout a broad
If it's on me and you try me best believe I'll catch a charge
Nigga shout out my connect, bust a juug, you like to flex
With your bitch I'm having sex, I'm just try'na make a check
Don't trust hoes they too complex, don't trust niggas they too suspect
Needed money for some clothes so I had to sell my Tec
Try'na get another phone, gotta sell another zip
Gotta make another flip, gotta take another trip
That's why I just eat my mind, I don't think I ever starve
Black mu'fuckin' Smurf, promise I never floss

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