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Soul Free Lyrics

Black Smurf – Soul Free Lyrics

I feel invincible not too concerned by life or death
Fuck an accountant boy I'd rather count this cash myself
I see I'm laughing at him watching them would kill myself
Fuck beefing with each other let's (?) increase our wealth
How you gon' say I'm fake when you don't even know yourself
You see me chasing cash fast moving walking stealth
I see ya hating but waiting struggling by yourself
Forever moving to the money till my last step
Playing cash rules everything seen around me (Hustle)
Come test the boy mane you won't get to see a round three
Fuck round and you'll get terminated try and clown on me
If you ask me there's zero chance of you surviving
More than likely when I unload I set ya soul free
Know why the cleaver up the heater when I unleash
And guarantee no moving feet won't see a sight of me
I'm a living breathing king mane watch how you talk to me
Boy I'ma have the reaper meet ya on whatever street
Or matter fact just 187 dead on the scene
I have a lust for the cash bands all on me
You having thoughts on being me yeah in ya dreams
Catching (?) don't play with my guap
(?) Hustle get money
Awful he can't get (?)
(?) a handshake not even a dollar
(?) in a second be drowning in water
Father forgive me for when I see em' hope I still see tomorrow
I'm on some Black Ops shit moving side of the chopper
I'm on some (?) shit (?)
Got the whole world in my hand with the grip of a lobster
Just trick this game like a trap but think like a mobster
But who am I?
I'm that nigga thats sick and he's starving
I want my bank account on maximum bands in my wallet

Give me cash
Give me bands
Give me stacks
I need that fetti in my hand give me that
Man fuck some cutty give me ends I need that
Counting G's back to back smoking trees back to back (x2)
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