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Crown Me Lyrics

Black Smurf – Crown Me Lyrics

Crown Me like Muhammad
I feel like the king now (x6)

[Verse 1]
Every time I check Jedi Force was the shit
Loafing with my team plotting on another check
Chopping it up with Smoke finding my ways to get rich
If I'm with my nigga might probably with ya bitch
[?] on my line walking it down to make a flip
See we always on the grind
See we out here taking risks
Bitches on my dick cause they see I'm on my shit
Tryna keep it copacetic but you know how it is
I swear growing up in my city got me used to these games
Falling off with people I used to trust I guess that it fate
How you say you suppose to eat but you can't buy a plate
I'm just being real with you pussies but you calling me fake
Memphis crime rate going up I gotta watch where I'm at
In my city can't walk alone gotta be deep or be strapped
Either you get a nine-to-five or you gon' work in the trap
Bout this money like Al Capone trying to take over the map
Gotta bitch in every city in two separate accounts
All about the cash lane no time to relax
See a nigga grinding now she wanting me back

I'm just glad that this money coming like I want it to
Living life how I want to
Thats what imma do
You don't know me and I don't know you
Don't get this confused
If you fuck with me I fuck with you and mayne ain't that the truth
But I end a nigga life if I have to
I don't fuck with niggas that be tryna act cool
Disrespect find ya body in a dark tomb

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