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Self Abuse Lyrics

Teenage Cool Kids – Self Abuse Lyrics

There's so little I have left to scream about
I can't push out another word on your account
And I can't pretend to tell the truth
If you fight back when I say what I wanted to
Do you remember last semester, We were so exhausted
I was yelling out a lung and you said I'd lost it
You had covered my mouth so I asked you in my head
Are you feeling unsatisfied now with your situation?
Your boyfriend drinks too much and you and he are out of touch
And you went to your job the other day
You were insulted by a customer and cried
You said it's hardly worth your wage

I just checked the mail today on my way out
I got the letter that you sent, the words you wrote
And I was about to start telling you
Exactly what I think about your latest move
Iried to find the words to put to you
Tried 'em all and settled on self abuse
I was gonna write you back but I fell asleep instead
I've got a box of your old things that when you left you gave me
I pull it out sometimes to remind me of the mess we made
Yeah, I was over just the other day
You were there lying on your bed, sad in the dark
I gave you something I had made

I lie in bed thinking
Sweating out a war
Pillow sheets are puddled
Dripping from the fight the night before
Are you fine with telling me
That I'm just another moment that has passed
Another breath you let slip free?

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