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Write Back Soon Lyrics

Teenage Cool Kids – Write Back Soon Lyrics

Look at you, hippie girl, doing what you're supposed to do
White girl dreads on your head, "Want some flowers?" I said no
Pow-wow girl thinks the world is a groovy fucking place
Smoke some grass, adopt cats, can you dig it if you're shallow?

And when the promises you meant to carry out
Leaving you tasting doubt, you chase them

You're a bohemian pilgrim
Escaping persecution

Look at you, hipster dude, but I guess that's what you want
"Hold my Pabst?" Kiss my ass, move to Brooklyn or Vermont
Get tattoos, Nike shoes, tell exactly how you feel
In the zine of poetry inspired by Kerouac and Salinger


You're a counterculture victim
Embracing devolution

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