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Landlocked State Lyrics

Teenage Cool Kids – Landlocked State Lyrics

[Verse 1]

There's a voice you hear across the plains
With an accent that you can't mistake
But this song, it don't take place in Texas
It's a landlocked kinda state
Now the statics humming me to sleep
On the floor, the way to beat the heat
And this is why I don't write you letters
They never mention these things

[Chorus 1]

You can take another hit but (you can try and stop it)
Try and hold your breath it's (just another hit in)
Vain, I got a grasp on my own isolation
Abridged adaptation of it

[Verse 2]

The insanity we can't escape
Losing brain cells in the teflon flakes
I got my own way of fighting cancer
And you ain't one of them
Stealing groceries to stay awake
Sleepwalk through the aisles to numb the ache
Can you hide inside your jacket
And make a quick escape?

[Chorus 2]

You can lie about the price of (keeping it inside it's)
Not the greatest gig but (can't you see I'm trying?)
Not to bum you out, I feel so sick and sad I'm
Just tryin' to hide out lately


Blurry vision
From the karaoke prompter
Noddin' off
To a not-so-distant laughter

They're gonna watch you die from starvation
And your scars will all have names

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