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Queer Salutations Lyrics

Teenage Cool Kids – Queer Salutations Lyrics

You were rolling on X
The night that we first met
And you say you don't remember

It's funny how we never forget what we liked to
But never recall thoughts we're tied to

Nothing to do tonight, right?
Tired of watching us drinking?
It's wishful thinking

I'm still waiting for
Your admission of defeat
Is it the 90 degrees of midnight
Or the confessions of this street that keeps you gone?

There's a hole in my tongue
And all the words I recited
Just fell right inside it
I'm trying so hard to keep

From lumping into this sunken shape
That I take when you put on a smile
That greets me like a wave goodbye

Queer salutations are so hard to forget
Reliving the moments we've sworn to have never repeated
Now who's mistreated?
The push and the pull of the night, I won't say I'm completed
I feel alright though


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