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Take It To The Moon Lyrics

Taylor Bennett – Take It To The Moon Lyrics

Take it to the moon
Take it to the moon

[Verse 1: Taylor Bennett]
My flow lean ya straight drop when I pour it
Drop the bass and grasp of being a contradictional poet
Had our boy doing right
But his money look homophobic
Straight drop no name drop
You getting poked if you post it
This is rap at its finest
Money wrapped a booby-trapped mic
My mind go boom when I’m writing
Damn near a premature writer
Preschool prepare to be Michael, grade school my grammar was the nicest
Now I’m in high school, an idol
Say I can’t live forever, well I’m gon’ work ‘til I’m expired
I worked hard my whole life
My only fear was being retired
It’s time to face the fire
You Richard Pryor but prior to the situation you was paper chasing
Robbing, killing, gotta get that money dealing
Dope music, crack music for the mainstream killers
Hands in the air cuz Taylor Bennett just did it

Take it to the moon
Take it to the moon

Uhh… Rock takin' off

[Verse 2: Rockie Fresh]
Look, this is a call of duty
I’m working these muthafuckas
Money, money, money
This is my favorite supper
I’m feeling this bitch and I ain’t even gotta touch her
But the Rollie telling her that I’m one cold muthafucka
I done seen a lot now I’m tryna get my team rich
A nice nigga but all that talking that don’t mean shit
Then seen the lows, then seen the flights
Then seen the drama, I’ll be quite all right
See Rock a hustler, Rock don’t run, he fight
Rock a soldier, he been fighting all his life
And create space when they don’t wanna give me room
Roll a couple woods then I take it to the moon
Shit, I been hot, nigga probably melt around June
New shit coming soon
Fuck wit me

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