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Real Friends Remix Lyrics

Taylor Bennett – Real Friends Remix Lyrics

Real friends, real friends, real friends

How many of 'em? How many judge us?
How many love us? Real friends
Put 'em above you, but know you can't trust them
So how can you love them? God damn

I know it's different to see your friends in the magazines
When he was hating on you for niggas just being clean
And started trapping and capping on niggas just to feed
What it meant to be realer than niggas next to me
Lived a dream to sell a dream, that's the recipe
The rest of me always questioning what was destiny
Living life on a verge while fate addressing me
Led to depression, progression, and losing sympathy
A black kid with talent gifted with special needs
That takes advantage of what was handed by family trees
Daddy boy, the politician is stressed to be
Hercules, a son of god, but in distant seas
In a movie, Chicago; a murder's every scene
Knowing himself, but know risking is losing everything
But loves music and views it as God's testing scheme
A testimony for testing blessings so effortlessly
Wait, switch up the number
I can be dialed, I been up writing
I ain't a child
This is survival, so now I'm an idol
Oh, you a psychic? Now you a prophet
I think I got a real friends, real friends, real friends...
Real friends, don't want to hurt them, but how do you want them
Even when you ain't earn them? Real friends
You know that you love them, but how can you trust them
And hope you don't crush them? God damn
Look, nowadays, we play vinyls
Look, nowadays...
Look, nowadays, we play vinyls
The rich-y kids always hate Lionel
Cheap drinks, so in sync with deep silence
Used to greet violence with pink violets and knee shiners
Now these, minus the renovators and pathfinders
Find myself in the deepest thoughts of my last writings
Never take a second to count a blessing, the past timings
How I pass fires with pacifiers, you're not inspired?
My new shit sounds like "who's this and who's the writer?"
God don' laced me with a gift I hope you can decipher
I ride waves and stargaze and keep writing the bible
A mean all this, sleep artist, I'm knowing they calling
Yep, now picture me balling
Forty rings and forty chains for them just like New Orleans
My pressure deep, I hope my breath cause the label's who told me
It's all about perception, resting and waking that morning
Sleeping, thieving, even speaking leaving when others is mourning
When cops killing kids, kids killing kids, that's just what it is
Mind your buis', you're behind the fence
You're protected
And from the outside in, i'm imprisoned
I lack vision, the masked mission
My ambitions is fact-titious with bad bitches
Real friends, real friends

How many of us? How many judge us?
How many love us? Real friends
Put 'em above you, but know you can't trust 'em
So how can you love 'em? God damn

Real friends, even for your real friends
Real friends...
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