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Speed Racer Lyrics

Taylor Bennett – Speed Racer Lyrics

Speeding Like A Racer
Lamborghini Snaker
Sip That with no chaser
Gold And Purp But Really Skip The Lakers
Ricky Bobby Shake And Bake Them
Pick it Up and Than I Break Them
Hit The Booth And Make A Track Than Party Till The A.M X2

Riding in My Steamer Got My Life Inside My BackPack
Speeding Towards My Paradise While Chiefing on a LoudPack
Curt Cobainz Sipping Screaming Drink This Cup Im On That
Killing rappers lyrically Busting at Them With All Caps
Im Feeling To Alive Behind These Suicide doors
Saving Green And Making Green I think im Al Gore
Want The Beef Its Always Cold Like Charlie Wilson In His War
All Black Suite With A All White Bag Like What You Think Were here And For?
Gold Chains New Rings
With a New Flame
That Will Go Bang
When I Hit A Stain
On the white girl for the Hype Girl
Reach For The Sky Like Kite Girl
Black Girl Like The White Girl
No Dike Girl
What i like girl
When im in the crib and im hyper
Kill The Track And The Beat Like A Biker
Angel Disqused as Michael no wonder why god don't like you


My Watch Gold Her Jacke Mink
My Wallet Green And Her Sprite Pink
Shades On Dont Never Blink
Keep The Engine Running Like A Broken Sink
Yall niggas fake no anime
Boy I Get That Cake Like Anna May
Blowing smoke no Mary Jane
Keep A Pole On Me Like Daddy Cane
2 Chains Got Three Rings New Leaders Cap And Im (Flexing)
King of the jungle and king of the land
Bape and My Jeans Just Escaped From Japan
Niggas Get Sent Up Put That On my Mans
You ain't on my level so you Under-stand
(Nope) Never Did Me Any Favors
To all of these haters I shoot them like Halo
Giving Me Dome On Her Head Is A Halo
Stacking Up Bricks Till I make a new Neighbor
Death Lives Close So Dont Visit My Neighbors
Right had on this paper
Left Hand On my Razor
I Stay In The cut im a really good shaver
Model in bed and a stack on the table
Yall Niggas sweet Sweeter Than maple
Im killing this beat Mortal Combat at Greatest
My Flow is so deep i should fuck with the lakers
One hand on your lady no question shes taken im on
Running they mouth when i catch them they gone
Hustling hard cause i listen to Wayne
Pockets on bruce cause my niggas be wayne
Showed her a track now we running a train
Tribe savemoney were one of the same
When your ruling the world Pinkey Gives You The Brain

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