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Dear Daddy Lyrics

Taylor Bennett – Dear Daddy Lyrics

I've lived
Yes I've lived a life that's full
I've traveled each, and every highway
Much more, much more than this
I did it my way...

It's a new one baby
Dear daddy like

[verse 1]
Uh, dear daddy I ain't seen you in some minutes
I think I got a new hobby putting my life inside a sentence
I done made some bad decisions but I always make repentance
And I give my mail to angels so I know that god will get it
I done got into a gang I done got into some fights
I done smoke a couple squares and I don't know about my life
I cry a lot inside and only let it out with mics
I move counterfeit happiness for some brand new mikes
And oh-oh, you told me stay away from them
Cause them the kind of boys that never turn into some men
And you the kind of boy that never learned to say can't
Just because you're superman don't mean you can't be Clark Kent


[verse 2]
Dumb and stupid or stupid and dumb
Because you've been making bad decisions since the early age of one
You would think we dog races the way we crowd around a gun
Cops arrive, blam blam, now you hiding from the fun
Little Walter in the casket another raisin in the sun
Pops screaming at his wifey saying "raise another son"
After all not even two kids can try to replace one
Call up to the station hoping that the case done
You done lost another kid and possibly a grandson
Grandkid, granddaughter never see that new charger
This is for every little boy that never got to greet his father
No worries no worries no worries hakunah matata
But you right, it was never Disney's job to raise you
As a bullet inserts your vest you pray to god god got time to save you
This for Derrion Albert, for Trayvon Martin
And for Rodney Kyles jr. and all my brothers in a coffin

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