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Intro (Mainstream Music) Lyrics

Taylor Bennett – Intro (Mainstream Music) Lyrics

Goodboy Beat!
Imagine that time is nothing
Imagine that space is nothing
Imagine the air is nothing
Imagine me

If I drowned in my thoughts of tomorrow could you save me
Safe to say save money save bodies on the daily
Yeah you see me and I'm thuggin'
Number uno on my playlist so what's the conversation
And if you can't higher me a level
Then fuck you and your congregation
I'm needin' elevation
Matter of fact it's evolution
Everlasting my life's in traffic it's always moving
My life's an action I'm in a movie
Clips clips clips, eclipse in the abyss
Thought patterns soul shatter shine shade on my shadow
While she sad she ain't sassy
Sadly I'm crashing and that's why I'm spazzy
You're an actress and I'm an actor
Time is nothing
Scenes breathing, don't believe me
Thoughts are nothing
Wise man asks questions
Delve into discussions
Repercussions, cautious
[?] on me I'm an artist
I'm supposed to paint you a picture
The picture pitchin' the darkness
I know you can't see my vision
Wake up I know you can hear me
Like I'm all up in your kitchen
But not the one with the dishes
The one directly under your brain
And your conscious water whippin'

Crack music (crack music)
For the youngins (mainstream is for everyone)
Crack music (for the youngins)
For the youngins
Mainstream Music (is for everyone)

Ay yo yo yo it's Taylor Bennett now (for the youngins)
This Mainstream Music (mainstream is for everyone)
This for y'all
This for you (for the youngins)
This for them
This for him, this for her
This for us
This for everybody (for everyone)
Mainstream Music (crack music)
(Mainstream, for everyone)
(For everyone)
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