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Just To Get By Lyrics

Taylor Bennett – Just To Get By Lyrics

Cuz my life's so tough, I been running
Cuz my life's so tough, I been running so long
I've seen some dreams, that I can't be
My god please tell me I'm wrong
Good green, good trees
My face, big screens
So dreams won't dream
Your life's blue screen
And after all these things
I've learned nothing [x2]

[Verse 1: Taylor Bennett]
Who wants to be a rapper?
Fucking entertainer
Dreadlocks and new locks
To lock knowledge out your brainer
More Glocks, for less rocks
And more kids get in danger
Life is your only obstacle, execute every angle
Running away from love, sike death
Only moments, and you are gone
Just like that
Guess everybody can't be blessed like that
I wonder who would be left right ain't [?]
Survival of the dentist
Your either out it or in it
Your always faded [?]
Could pass away any minute
The stretchers stretch out your body
Faith is nothing but lies
Hoping you living godly
But god is only fiction
Thats fixing to be reality
Love is only hate
When he fails to paint out his masterpiece
Future debt [?]
Growing up in catastrophes
Casually as a casualty
Hollaback if your hearing me
Heard of him, never heard of me
Hurting her was just hurting me
Turning this into the world you see
Shot him, shot her, shot us
Kill him, Kill her, Kill us
No god, but in you I trust
See this nation, this city's a bluff
Caring more about themselves than us
Like they crazy they killing all these kids
Well how the fuck did that gun get to that kid
And where the hell was his after school program
Or did he purposely plan out his own jam
Did they shut down the train just to fix it
Or purposely trap you behind [?]

Now all my people thats
(Drug dealing just to get by
Stacking bodies till they get sky high
Throw your hands up in the sky and say
We don't know no other way) [x4]

Just to get by [x3]
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