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Splurge – SLOW FLOW! Lyrics

Ay, let me hear that ho, Jeff
Yeah, go (Pew, phew, phew)
Ayy, bring some gas here in a minute, on gang (Gang, gang, gang)
Phew, go, go, go
Six7 on the beat
Go (Double-S G, gang, bitch, my gang)

This beat got no melody, beat got no keys
My bitch with the shit, hide your lean out your lean
And the kickback with the nina on me
I be fuckin' your ho but I keep it lowkey
No, I can't go, no, I ain't ho
No, I can't stand in the trap without a four-four
I can't stand enough, get fifteen more
Bro got caught with 'bout fifteen bows
Where would I be without kickin' down doors
Pour up the lean, got me movin' real slow
We catch a opp and we grabbin' his toe
We catch a opp and we taggin' his toe
Pick up the bag, I gotta dip that
Bitch pussy wet, that's what I dip in
Come to your trap, where I let it rip in
Don't ride with no pack, you gotta be trippin'
I'm just 17 with a Glock 17
If they ever sign me, they gotta sign my whole team
They never try me 'cause I ride with that beam
I stay with some shit, it's not what it seems
I got the Glock, but I won't let it show
I know you fake, but I won't let you know
I know you a bitch, I can tell when you spoke
OG or better, you can smell what I smoke
I spin on his block 'cause he thinks I'm a bitch
Leave his ass ugly and stitched
The last nigga shot at me missed
The last nigga, shot him, he loved the mist
He six feet down if you ain't get the gist
Hot damn, boy, I can get you whacked for a brick
Nah, I can get you whacked for a nick
Yeah, I set you up with a bitch
Pull up to your shit, you ain't come out
Yeah, yeah, we on your block 'til the sun down
Load up, cock back, run down, yeah, yeah
It's still the same boys, we be up now
Everybody think I got money, lil bitch, I do
Why? You landed from Dubai, yeah
We pull up and shoot, bye, nigga
Thought I wasn't gon' come up, look at me now
Up, up, up, pull out that bitch and go "Bow, bow, bow"
Ain't tryna fuck, you gotta suck
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