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BLOW! Lyrics

Splurge – BLOW! Lyrics

Yee, yeah, go
Crazy, gang, go
Fuck, that dough rollin' in
Go, gang
Six7 on the beat
Six7 on the beat
Yeah, yeah, ooh, go

Might hit you hard for pills
Trap roll hard, you think I had wheels
Bust in your ho and a house on the hills
Just tryna fuck, I can't pay for no heels
Yeah, big Backwood, run that shit up
Run in your trap like give that shit up
Knock on your face, I don't fuck, pick it up
Ho keep on callin', I can't pick 'em up
I hit the mall and ball out when I'm bored
Niggas be broke, need to go do some chores
Wanna go shop, tell 'em shut down the store
Come to your block and get lit like the 4th
Come to your block and get lit like a torch
Roll up a big Backwood in the Porsche
Trunk in the front, that bitch run like a horse
We hit your shit 30 deep like the force
I don't want your ho but I'll pull on her tracts though
Try to set a nigga up, you gettin' clapped, ho
Bro in the jail, told them let Matt go
Not tryna shop, what the fuck did you ask for?
And we got gas, nigga, pumps like Citgo
How could you hit me? I hit me a kickdoor
Come to the room with the chopper like "Get low"
Take off his face, he can't give 'em no info
Do it ourselves, bitch, we don't have hitman
Try to play me like a ho, you get hit, man
Pull out the chopper and blow like a big fan
Might go to Johnny's, spend ten on a wristband
Might hit the mall and then blow out the numbers
Take your ho money, then spend it on runners
Can't wait to let a fuck nigga play like he want it
I got that K, I'll shoot in his face, bitch, I'm on it
I pop a Perc, now I'm groovy, yeah
I pour a 4, now I'm snoozin', yeah
All my friends dead like Uzi, yeah
That's why I ride with that uzi, yeah
We pull up shootin' a movie, yeah
Bro beat his murders like Boosie, yeah
This chopper bad and boujee, yeah
You can get wet like Jacuzzi, yeah
Fresh off the plane, now I'm back on the block
Aim at an opp 'til we take off his top
Shine like rerock, put my tints on the top
Ice in my mouth, I be talkin' that guap
Boy, you is worse than a broke down car
You can get split like a broke down 'gar
Boy, you gon' die, let it go that far
Boy, we gon' blow on you, you know we are
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