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On Instagram Lyrics

Splurge – On Instagram Lyrics

Ayy let me hear that ho Jeff
Yeah yeah, Beat By Jeff
Ooh ooh, bust down bitches on the way right now nigga
And I'm on Instagram Live right now
Hah, I'm talkin' that shit bitch
You heard nigga, no Melody shit nigga
Fuck that shit, go

We got them choppers that blow like a fan
Go to the show and then fuck on a fan
I was tryna perform, she was grabbin' my pants
She spazzed soon as she seen these bands
We come where you stay and start clappin' like hands
Fuck you and skate like I'm wearin' some Vans
I broke her feelings, she went on a rant
I'm a big dog, boy you look like an ant
I see a bad bitch, I'm shootin' my shot
I see a fuck nigga, I'm shootin' this Glock
My youngins they thuggin', bandanas like Pac
We stand like a picture but you can get cropped
Bitch I got money like Diddy
AR-15 make a movie and get jiggy
I'm fuckin' these bitches, these bitches ain't Benji
She suckin' my dick, she ain't leavin' no hickies
Y'all take this rap shit way too serious
Stop on that bitch, lil boy on his period
You seen me and Yani, ain't do nothin' period
Do you really got money? I'm curious
Yeah, I know how it feel to be broke
Laugh at you niggas, y'all broke as a joke
I'm textin' your bitch, she lettin' me poke
This not California but we got the smoke
Friendly ass nigga, stop tryna ride the wave, yeah
You better go and get paid
It's a whole lot of hoes gettin' slayed, yeah
We twenty deep on the stage, yeah
Addicting your ho, she stuck on my page
And I'm havin' chips like Lays
Matter fact, I got a ho on the way
Boy you a peon, I'm not finna fight you
Father God, I send him right to you
She tryna fuck 'cause she seen me on YouTube
We let them bullets connect like a Bluetooth
Keep on your clothes, you just suckin' dick
Too many hoes, I feel like a pimp
Nigga can't see me, I'm ridin' through tint
We catch the opp then that car gettin' spent
He pull out his pockets, he pull out some lint
I reach in my pocket and pull out a grip
Yeah I'm disrespectful, I hit him with spit
These niggas poodles, we is some pits
Yeah I'm with Sensei
If we don't hit him, the bullets gon' ricochet
Her name on the lease, her name a [?]
Pussy ass niggas be hatin' these days
These niggas peons
I'm catchin' plays, I feel like Deion
My ice got peed on
These rap ass niggas, they love when the beat on
He mad 'cause his bitch got me as her ringtone
Come to your crib with them sticks like ding dong
Broke ass bitch, can't pay for a Ding Dong
That bitch keep comin' back, we playin' ping pong

Ooh, hit her so many times, yeah
Gang shit nigga
Haha, yeah, yeah
Nigga you not the plug, you jsut the plug's cousin, hah
Stop postin' his weed and shit, lame ass nigga
Stop postin' your daddy guns nigga
Free my daddy, on God nigga
Yeah, nigga
Tell your mama where you at when you leave the house nigga
Haha, gang shit, hahaha, yeah
Let me hear that ho, on gang
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