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Backwoods Lyrics

Splurge – Backwoods Lyrics

Ayy let me hear that ho Jeff
Ayy, ayy, ayy

Stop at QT and get some 'Woods
Jump in that coupe, feelin' good
Finna pull up in the hood
Never been hood, let's get that understood
Push start for my whip
Four-five, I'ma aim at your lip
I'm at the show, bitches show me some nips
After the show she eat dick like some chips
Choppers on us, this Call of Duty
I be real mad, I be real moody
Run up that gas, get off that fruity
I'm not tryna fight, fuck around and start shootin'
Get your bitch wet, she be lovin' the Percocet
I be too clean, I'm not tryna break a sweat
Boy you a worker, we fuck around, take a check
Come here and slurp me, you a fool with the neck
Cut off the whip, get it in motion
I be on drank, I be real loaded
She be on me, she be like lotion
I feel like Chuck E. Cheese with these tokens
Too much drink, finna pour up some water
Think you gon' take somethin' from me, you retarded
She threw that ass back and I caught it
Robbin' these niggas, I feel like my father
I don't choruses, I don't do hooks
Chopper a chef, fuck around and get cooked
I be in the mall, better watch how you look
Live your life, fuck around and get took
I take your bitch and she eat
I just put a four in a twenty, I'm sleep
I don't like to rap, I don't care 'bout a beat
But I do like the J's, take the shoes off your feet
Free Quan Gotti lil nigga
I'm not with the talkin', I just love poppin' on niggas
This real beef, ain't no squashin' it nigga
Glock 30 on me, I'm droppin' a nigga
Niggas be runnin' they mouth like some hoes
He really a fag and put paint on his toes
Shoot him like Rudolph, we aim at his nose
Give me some head baby, keep on your clothes
And the beat by Jeff
He bang in this bitch, I love him to death
Bad bitch on my right, dirty Sprite on my left
These niggas be hatin', they ain't gettin' guap
Oh he like the chopper all up in his top
Give me some head 'til I tell your ass stop
I like when you do it, I like when you slop
No I ain't Sean but your bitch say cheese
I be so high that I can't even read
I bust it down, it's hard for her to breathe
Don't come to the east 'cause we takin' your P's
Niggas hate me but they hoes love me
Niggas talk shit, put a hole in him
I got a trip comin' with loads in it
She show me that pussy, I dove in it, uh

Yeah bitch
Haha, y'all know what the fuck goin' on man
Free Gotti, on gang
Yeah, I'm in this bitch with Jefferson
The beat by Jefe, stop playin'
You know, I'm on that drink
Y'all know what's goin' on man
Free the east man
6L shit, Rank One shit, Top Ten shit, haha
Yeah, on gang
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