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Intro Lyrics

Splurge – Intro Lyrics

Play with them bricks, play with them sticks
Play with your bitch, I play with the whip
She chasin' me, I can't chase her for shit
I had to go up, I was made for this shit
I just got a K with a blade on that bitch
I go up and you go down
She wanna fuck her, I be like damn
She wanna fuck, yeah that's a bust down
I got the moon rocks, yeah
I'm high watchin' Boondocks
Three hundred on Gucci socks
I'm dozin' off off the Wock
I got new whips and you walkin', yeah
Lil bitch I get paid to talk, yeah
I got the lean on me, yup
I got the fiends on me, yup
I feel like Alicia with keys, yup
Nobody got choppers like me, yup
My young nigga break down a P, ayy
Your bitch tryna watch me like TV
We pull with sticks and we three deep
That's like three hundreds shots
I bust down your ho at the spot
You think I'm a ho but I bet you get popped
Look at my hand, bitch I'm holdin' this Glock
I don't wan' fuck, bitch give me top
You can act tough, you know that you not
Bro send some shit, I'ma let off some shots
These niggas gay, y'all just like to hate
Go get you some cake, get hit with that K
I'm fresh off a lick, I put dick in your bae
Give it all up, put the stick in your face
I don't want your bitch, she is too dirty
She got a Glock with a thirty
My bus costs more than your watch lil nigga
Not safe over here, it get hot lil nigga
Durant, my shooters ain't playin' 'bout me
So other words, they not playin' with you
You try, we gon' beat your lil bitch ass blue
I got the gas, it's sticky like some glue
I'm playin' with the beat right now, this the intro
You ain't a robber, you ain't hit no kick door
Pull up right now, we got gas like the Citgo
I'ma get head 'fore I pass it to kinfolk
Don't trust nobody, get that play, catch you a body
If it ain't a mil, I am not signing
Streets get deep, yeah deeper than science

Science ayy, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Free the gang bitch nigga
Fuck you talkin' 'bout nigga
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