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RoboCop Lyrics

Splurge – RoboCop Lyrics

Six7 on the beat
Ayy, uh

Half a ticket, it went all on it
I'm having diamonds, your ho think I'm cute
Like she from Lousiana, give her the boot
Got caught in that stolo but they ain't found no proof (Skrrt)
Got off of probation and went through the roof (Off)
Drop a nigga off the roof now I got the juice (I got it)
I'm in L. A., hotbox in the coupe (Hotbox)
My choppa be tailored to me like a suit (Like a suit)
I'm having rose-gold diamonds like a flower (Flower)
Make a nigga head do a 360 like a owl
I'm a Glen baby, I got a Glock in the shower
Made me nut in her mouth, only knew her a hour
And the streets like candy, it's sweet then it's sour
Got naked rich bitches in this bitch doin' powder
Been in too many shoot-outs, don't like when it's crowded
I [?] air this bitch out and then go to my pouch
I'm in the Rolls Royce ridin' through Dallas
In the Hellcat Challenger, who wanna challenge? (Skrrt)
Me and Six7 and P used to sleep on the pallet
With the weed up at studios, lookin' for cowards (Ha)
All these diamonds on me, I be icy in the bitch (Ice)
I'm a kill a nigga off me, feelin' like Meech
I'm a whoop you like my son, nigga, go get it sweet
Think I ain't on, shit, you get fried like fish
Finna pop me a Percocet, give me the each (Percs)
Man, these niggas walked in with some heels like prince
When you walk in the trap, gotta sit down, ladies, and gents
Broke shit, you gettin' fixed
Nigga, get off the roach shit, hit you a lick
Act like I don't know shit, collect the chips
Get a baseball bat, shoot his head like a pitch (Bah)
We gon' crack him like an egg, we gon' treat him like a chick
Ho, get out the spot (Get out the spot)
You got my new shit hot (Get out)
Tryna look in my car, tryna see what I got
When I slide, bitch, you do it again, you get hit with the shot
Send shots to a pussy, get killed on your block
Nigga talk all that fuck shit and hippity-hop
Came through life havin' flavor with a big ass clock
And a big ass Glock like I'm Robocop

Robocop, who is he? What is he? Where does he come from?
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