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Pints N Da Back Lyrics

Splurge – Pints N Da Back Lyrics

This beat sound good, ooh
I like this
Six7 on the beat

Ayy, ayy
It's pints in the back so we gotta drive safe
I used to be broke, got hundred dollar plates
What you want, the Glock or the racks in your face?
You ain't got no money, boy stay in your place
A fuck nigga playin', get hit like a dab
The pints from the Migos, I gotta dab
I was in Houston gettin' head in a slab
And we got bombs like an Arab
Pull up with drums, we shootin' out loud
This chain come loose, I'm shootin through the crowd
She can't answer the phone, she got dick in her mouth
These niggas be tryna snake, they fake
Get smoked in the mornin', that's wake and bake
Servin' the edibles, dope in the cake
Bust down a P 'til it turn into shake
Oh you a killer nigga, say who you shot
Come to your spot and take all that you got
Grrr, baow a body gon' drop
Yeah, I got the streets on lock
Your partner say you the weakest link
Get your ass washed like some hands in the sink
Neiman Marcus, I spent five on mink
My shooter gon' off you, I just gotta wink
She do what I say, she'll jump off a cliff
I might fuck your mama, got love for the MILF's
If you try to rob, you get spoiled like milk
I'm pourin' up oil, I'm slower than a bitch
I just got a touchdown, scored on six
Friendly ass nigga say hey to the stick
Break that on his head, he gon take a shit
You savin' that shit, I spent that on a fit
I'm in the trap and you know that it roll
Servin them bows, ain't shit for low
You ain't no killer, lord knows
I danced with the devil, just poured him a four
Fuck on that bitch, tell her call her a ride
Hell naw, we ain't Bonnie and Clyde
You know you gon' snitch if we go do a crime
You gon' be in that courtroom bitchin' and cryin'
How he a shooter and he ain't hit me?
I got the XD, no Disney
You ain't got no gun, you ain't been in no beef
You been in the house, you ain't been in no streets
I called up the plug, let's give his ass some counterfeits
Outside all day, bitch I feel like an African (I'm hot)
She wanna fuck 'cause she know I got rack-a-thans
Choppers came on a boat from Pakistan
Get money, fuck bitches, boy you know that's the motto
Can't beat me, snatchin' shit, bitch I ain't pablo
I fucked his sister, he ain't know like Rocko
Senorita, she gon' eat me like tacos
My lil nigga with me will take your spirit
Broke ass nigga still flyin on Spirit
Got shot in his face 'cause he kept actin' weird
Get your lil punk ass up outta here, yeah

Haha, bitch ass nigga
Six Seven on the beat nigga
Get your ass beat nigga
Haha, yeah
Niggas know we havin' all that shit
We sippin' the good shit and givin' you niggas Karo, on God
Haha, you know how we comin', gang shit
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