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TOKYO! Lyrics

Splurge – TOKYO! Lyrics

Yeah, go (Who the fuck made this beat?)
Go, uh
Six7 on the beat

I got the streets on smash mode
Too many hoes, gotta keep me a passcode
Bullets big as a asshole
Yeah, the chop make you sleep in a rat hole
This beat really sound like an outro
7:30 hit the bitch with the astro
I was in New York eating Mastro's
You wanted smoke, you gone get what you asked for
Yeah, yeah
This beat right here gone fuck up they ears
No melody, this bitch kinda weird
Too fucking hard, make me jump off a hill
Swerving the coupe, Jesus take the wheel
You don't want no smoke, lil boy be for real
Hold on, wait, chill
Here, take this pill, whew, disapear
Get hit with the banger if you try to get near
Too many hoes I don't know who to fuck
Too many houses, which one to shoot up
Fuck it, shoot the whole block up
Who did that? Not us
Roll up the pack, he be smelling like must
Get the fuck out, I don't wanna hear you fuss
You a peon boy, you can't even cuss
This is good drank, this is not cut
What did you spend on your clothes?
Didn't spend shit, you gotta stick to your hopes
We gave you two weeks to invest in some bows
Push up on Six7, get it for low
Nah, I'm just playing, Six7 just playing too
If I spend ten bands, he spending ten bands too
We made it out of the hood, then you can too
No, we not cuffing these bitches, just ran through
Ooh, turn it up a little bit
I ran it up, I need me a Fitbit
Scared to post up at his house 'cause we hit shit
Made that boy switch up his car like a stick shift
Ooh, I need a private jet
No, I will not pay for sex
Come here with your face and your neck
Yeah, show me the best
Yeah, big choppa make 'em do the Doug E Fresh
Phew phew phew, shoot through that vest

Yeah, gang, bow bow
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