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No Condom Lyrics

Splurge – No Condom Lyrics

Fuck nigga, y'all niggas lame as fuck
Niggas really think they bitches, on gang
I ain't worried 'bout none of that shit
Six7 on the beat bitch
This bitch sound good
Fuck around, shoot up a nigga's hood
Six7 on the beat
Ayy, yeah

I got your bitch suckin' dick in her bonnet
Glock got a dick, he don't put on a condom
Reach for my chain and get killed for some diamonds
Trap out the stu', bitch it ain't hard to find us
I ain't worried 'bout no opp
No rap cap, bitch we got real life Glocks
When I come to your crib, bitch I kick it up a notch
We gon' boot that bitch in, put your ass in a box
I ran it up, now I got stacked paper
We with that smoke, won't beef with no clout chasers
Think nigga cool so we kidnap his neighbors
I got your ho in the back eating babies
Don't try them, nigga try me
Them Cartier frames on me see 3D
Took you to the hospital, you don't need an IV
I just poured a four in a red Hi-C
He wanna smoke, turn to ashes
I'm movin' slow like I poured the molasses
I get the pack, beat it up like Cassius
You sippin' that yellow, it's leavin' you rashes
These niggas hoes, these niggas bitches
This not Black Ops, these chains are not glitching
You say you gon' get me, well time is ticking
Think somethin' ho and get washed like dishes
I told you that youngin the goon, he don't freak things
He selling hard, we shot at his earrings
I feel like YD, you get hit with that ning-ding
My bro was in college, he robbed the dean
I pull out the chopper like give me some room
They found like two hundred shots in that room
We found a whole lot of guap in that room
Whole lot of niggas got popped in that room
Drop the location, we popping up soon
Nah bro, not right now, meet him at noon
Get your ass swept with a big ass broom
Get your ass slept with a big ass boom
These niggas lame, I just be laughing
Free my pops, bitch I'm a bastard
Like texting and driving, bitch we crashing
Come through with the chopper, it's way too massive
Do you really got guns? nope
I'm buying some 'Woods, the Glock in the store
Come in your spot, tell you drop on the floor
Where is the cash, bitch where is the dope?
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