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Glen Baby Shit Lyrics

Splurge – Glen Baby Shit Lyrics

Bah, know what the fuck goin' on, man
Hmm, my nigga just pulled up on me, man
Yeah, man, know what the fuck goin’ on
Double S-G, [?] gang, let's go

Hundred round drum, I'ma grip that bitch (Hundred round)
For the rap shit, I’ma catch my clique (For the rap shit)
Pull up, we still havin' million dollar whips
Free Fat, fuck 12, big bro got heat (Free Fat)
Draco, big scope, put a hole in your shit
Fucked up, let your ho get ahold of my dick
It's a lean party, bitch, I'ma pour a whole brick
What other young nigga got racks like this? (Huh?)
Diamonds real water, they takin' a piss (Diamonds)
Yeen on shit, I ain't worried 'bout a diss (Nah)
Ten racks on your head, lil bro slide quick (Ten racks)
If a label sign me, I'll divide by ten
Whole gang eat, yeah, whole gang win (Whole gang)
You got do, huh? What? When?
Don’t give a fuck, we shoot, blanks
If you want that set, gotta spend that band
Yeah, stop all that cappin’, that shit for the fake hoes
Stop all that lyin', you ain’t shootin' no Draco
Walked in, look like a trapper, like Bankroll
Come around here, you gon' leave with your chain gone (Gone)
We only talk on the payphone (Brr)
Diamonds different colors like paintballs
Killer down south with a chainsaw, uh
Wanna go to heaven? We'll take y’all, uh
[?], make the car crank up
I'm smokin' dope, fill my gas tank up
Pop a tag, no Addy, I'm up (Tag)
Fuck that Jag, I crash that stiff (Skrt)
In my cup, can't lean on me (No)
Bring out that Lotus, that OMG (Oh)
Diamonds my neck and they all on my teeth (All)
Diss in a song, I'm not callin' that beef (No)
Juug, just do shit all in the streets
Fuck from the back, make her fuck up the sheets (Fuck it up)
Fuck up that set, Balenciaga, no creeps (Fuck it up)
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