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Beat By Jeff Lyrics

Splurge – Beat By Jeff Lyrics

Haha, ayy, yeah, hah
Fuck Splurge man
Fuck everybody who with nigga man
Is he signed or what?
Who he gon' sign to, I don't know
Ayy let me hear that ho Jeff
Ooh ooh

I'm back on that fuck shit, that fuck shit, that fuck shit
Reach out the car with the pistol, I'm bustin'
Ain't tryna talk, you ain't talkin' 'bout nothin'
It's a new day so I'm gettin' new money
Servin' the white, get your nose real runny
Chopper gon' chop you, your body look ugly
Just got a pint so I pour up the muddy
My phone keep ringing, I can't even work
Catch you in traffic, ain't got time to lurk
My lil nigga crazy, retarded, berzerk
You know it ain't shit to get put on a shirt
Got a whole lot of fans, got a whole lot of haters
Whole lot of bands and a whole lot of paper
We want the smoke, yeah we want the vapor
Can't fuck a white ho, fuck around say I raped her
I'm goin' up, can you see how they treat me?
Then you gon' play me, lil bitch is you tweakin'?
We come and get bodies, yeah we the grim reaper
I never liked school so I disrespect teachers
You better go handle your business
I'm talkin' rackades, I'm talkin' digits
Go make me aim some big shit at his fitted
Roll up a wood right now, gettin' lifted
They say I'm trippin', say I see the devil
Rank One gang, I'm on a new level
Don't need aim, I'm good with this metal
Don't wanna go through the metal detector
Hoes want to kick it but I don't
Make fifty bands off an iPhone
I'm still sayin', "who?" like Mike Jones
If you fuck with the movement then right on
I mix the green and the purple together
Me and the Glock go perfect together
You and the feds be workin' together
I got on Gucci, it got a bird feather
We pull up on him, catch him smokin' dope
Last thing he seen was my eyes in the scope
You ain't on that gang shit, boy you a ho
I'm not a trapper but bricks for the low
Wrap 'em up, wrap 'em up, wrap 'em up, wrap 'em
Bust up the laws and make 'em call back-ups
Streets ain't safe, you better go strap up
Double cup and ice, I'm pouring Act up
I don't fuck with peons, leave me alone
Look at my jacket, this bitch is from Rome
Treat her like a dog and give her a bone
I pull up with sticks, we pull up with stones
Right now I'm on cloud nine, I can't feel my mind
We ain't kissin', hit that bitch from behind
Treat him like Ricky, put a hole in his spine
Meet me at the store and be there on time
Niggas is bitches, they all in they feelings 'cause I'm goin' up
I got a blunt but you cannot hit it because it too stuffed
My neighbor do laws, don't come to the front
After I fuck I kick her like a punt
You a cap rapper, you lie when you rhyme
Gotta come with some money, don't know about signing
Aim at the head, aim for his lining
Hit from the back, ass like Blac Chyna
Been through a lot but the people don't see it
Smokin' good dope, feel like Sosa, I'm chiefin'
Niggas be talkin', my niggas not speakin'
We got them sticks on us, we playin' defense
Don't think about goin' in the streets
I got my leg deep down in the streets
I know that y'all peep niggas tryna be me
AR-15 knock the doors off a Jeep
The OG's tell me just keep pushin'
I know you smell me, OG cookie
Look at them staring, bitches lookin'
Your bitch is bust down, let me get in that pussy
This might be the last song I make
The chopper gon' sing, the chopper gon' shoot
I'm sippin' honey like Winnie the Pooh
I cover my face and pop out, peek-a-boo, yeah

Uh-huh, I told y'all I don't like to do hooks and shit
Haha, I'm good, keep goin'
Splurge shit, new shit on the way man
Jefferson on the beat bitch, yeah
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