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UK Talk Lyrics

Splurge – UK Talk Lyrics

Ay, let me hear that ho, Jeff
Yeah, go
Go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Call up them rank 1 niggas, they killin'
Big bad wolf I'm a goddamn villain
I'm with that shit, nigga, fuck how you feelin'
I get that bag, stack it up to the ceiling
Fuck on these bitches, these bitches too friendly
I'm on the lean and my bitch on that Henny
Pour that shit up, I'ma get a new kidney
You want a show, gotta give me a fifty
Broke as a joke, so we take it whats yours
I'm finna get a new K 'cause I want all the smoke
I used to post in UK with the Draco my coat
Nigga look at me wrong one time, then he gone
Come get your bitch, she keep callin' my phone
These bitches cut out they tongue, gotta leave me alone
I'm too fucked up, I done got out of my zone
I am not tryna link up, I don't wanna do songs
Yeah, I am that nigga now
I like your bitch, I be bustin' her down
Look at my drip, you get close, you gon' drown
I gotta add up the money, nigga, I don't know how
Gotta watch how I move, niggas die in my town
They done run off with my style, they keep bitin' my sound
I do this shit off the top, I'm not writin' it down
I be pipin' it up then I'm pipin' it down
I got Versace shoes, they on the moon
I gotta stay with the tool 'cause I be on the move
Percocet, I gotta get in the groove
I got them Balmains, I gotta walk real cool
Cleaner than a bitch like the first day of school
I got the Glock, nigga, I ain't got nothin' to prove
Air the bitch out like I ain't got nothin' to lose
Gotta go hard for my people, I don't even snooze
Roll up a blunt of that West Coast Cure shit
When you gon' stand in the trap, sellin' pure shit?
I hold a stack to my ear, hell nah, I ain't hear shit
I seen a lot in my life, hell nah, I don't fear shit
Nowadays, I can't even stop at the QuikTrip
I hit the trap and then roll like a kickflip
I crash the coupe, I don't drive no stick shift
I see a whole lot of purp when I'm pissin'

Damn, go
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