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Free Granny Lyrics

Splurge – Free Granny Lyrics

Backwood stuffed full of gas
I think I'm smokin' on skittles right now, yeah
Six7 on the beat

[Verse 1]
I'm smokin' a backwood full of them skittles
I feel like Craig stealin' boxes nigga
Clip full of hollow tips, we don't box niggas
Them bullets gon' spray, we pop rock niggas
Your granny a pushover, my granny on that
We the ones shot at you boy, and you know that
Sniper like Sniper Gang, I feel like Kodak
Don't push up on us 'cause we make niggas go back
Back, back, to where you from
You can get cracked if you try somethin' dumb
Strip your bitch ass, make you look like a bum
You think you a gangster, when you see me then dump
I'm still in the trenches, keep that on the low
Push up on Six Seven when it's time to score
The plug bale is big, left him with an O
I still got the thirty when I'm in the store
You can get rolled, just like a backwood
He ain't really on it, he damn sure act good
This is designer, this shit not from PacSun
It's my shooter's birthday, I bought him a MAC gun
We smokin' niggas, we don't smoke cigarettes
Feel how you feel but keep me off your internet
I can't go to jail when it's time to get into that
We takin' souls, make niggas come get 'em back
We ridin' tinted, bitch we presidential
Lil bro gon' pop you and hop in the rental
Caught him on tour and we shot up his Sprinter
After I fuck, bitch you toppin' my niggas
One shot gon' drop, we not no beginners
Glock in the bubble coat, you think it's winter
Pour up the drop and I watch that bitch fizzle
Think somethin' sweet and get slapped with a pistol, yeah yeah

Slap a nigga with a pistol nigga
Yeah, leave some Glock sand on your shit
And my phone ringing right now
My shit booming in the studio
Gang gang bitch, yeah, fuck you mean
Ooh, ooh, ooh

[Verse 2]
This beat go hard, he was boomin' that bitch
Run off with packs, we be doin' that shit
Run off with shit, leave him clueless as shit
Find out where you stay, pull up shootin' and shit
A nigga touch me, I put two in his shit
You got a burner but what you gon' do with that bitch?
I got the glick but I like to get groovy and shit
I'm facing woods and you smoking doobies and shit
We got the gas but we not in LA right now
Cover the spot, load up them drakes right now
He thirteen, I bet he gon' lay somethin' down
I feel like a boxer, I got all these rounds
I got them shooters from everywhere dude
I came with them dogs, you better beware of them dudes
Play with Lil Splurge, you can get leaked like nudes
He was tryna be famous, now he on the news
Racks, racks, they in the Gucci bag
He was lookin' too hard, had to shoot his ass
Pull up in the black truck lookin' like who is that?
Get hit with this four-five, hit him through the roof again
My shooters they under the bed like boogie man
Glock-40 on me will turn a nigga handicapped
We with that smoke, we give a damn 'bout rap
I ain't gotta move, I just send a clan to wrap

Ooh, bitch, yeah
I said, I'ma just send a clan to that and wrap
Fuck nigga play and get wrapped, bitch
Not finna play with these lame ass bitches
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
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