You wouldn’t know it but I’m thinking of you this fine evening
You are deep down inside my heart
Music can be the key and subtly I hope you know it as
Sensibility keeps us apart

I could be talking about anyone
I hope that you know who you are
We can see the beauty of the Warrumbungles from a distance and
I have seen your beauty from the start.

The sun falls down the other side of the long red horizon
Gone to take the chill out of the dark
The stars come out and they all shine in their God-given glory
The arrows of emotion find their mark

The peacefulness, I’m filled with awe
And I appreciate you more as they remind me of you
The twinkles in your eyes and how you shine in your God-given glory
You’re beautiful, I must remark.

I hope this song is like the smell of roses in the wind and
The sweet smell mesmerises you
I hope you pick the rose, but if not, well just enjoy darling
As this sweet rose smell passes through

No, don’t you feel obligated
Let time and life keep passing by
For even Araldite needs time to help things bond together and
Imagine if what bonds is you and I.
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Roses Lyrics

Speirosmusic – Roses Lyrics