I’ve been here at the airport since a quarter past ten.
The sun set two hours ago and down pours the rain.
You have to go.
Well, I don’t know.
The rain may wash the tears away but not the pain.
I’m smiling yet I’m crying, man, this feels insane.
My heart departs.

The coloured lights look pretty as the jet planes land.
We’re talking of the good times as I hold your hand.
They called your gate.
Don’t wanna be late.
Why you have to leave I still don’t understand.
Why’d you have to answer this unfair demand?
My heart departs.

You check your bags and ticket, they’re the first to fly.
You line up in the queue that takes you to the sky.
The ticket’s stamped.
You’re before the ramp.
You turn into my eyes, I hear you say goodbye.
I smile at you, I love you, I try not to cry.
My heart departs.

While we were eating dinner, I watched it land, your plane.
Rolled slowly down the runway, now it’s doing the same.
One short stop.
It finds the lane.
Ooooohh, and then the jumbo flies again.
My heart travels with you, though my shell remains.
My heart departs.
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My Heart Departs Lyrics

Speirosmusic – My Heart Departs Lyrics