So this is all you’ve got to offer me
Nothing but your insecurity
You want me to fight a war for a system I can’t stand.
You’ve left nothing that was mine from birth for me,
You’ve sold off all the land the air, the food, the sea
Now you tell me that I’m dumb and just don’t understand.
You’ve divided up the people into black and white
Separated into nations, instigate the fight,
Then slander man and God by saying that they’re on your side.
The people sit at home and hold their girls and boys
While the leaders and religions fire nuclear toys
To defeat the enemy of which they want the genocide.
Hypocrite leaders shame on you
Fight it yourselves is what you ought to do
Prove yourselves worthy of your position
Don’t put us under your imposition.
The day has dawned at last, so now it ends the night,
The truth’s revealed by the rays of sun, the light
Exposing all your ways and reasons for your shame.
Brothers from the north shake hands with brothers south,
Their true actions of peace silence the demon’s mouth
Still the media spreads the poison that erodes the nations’ frame.
Politicians and religions stand as super-gangs
Ripping shreds off one another like the tiger’s fangs,
Using people as their pawns to do their fighting whilst they moan.
Minority of chiefs that lead the battle forth
But never on the battlefield they’ll be of course
If they’re the ones that want to fight then let them fight their own.
Hypocrite leaders shame on you
You state untrue reasons, yes that’s what you do
Religion and politics both take their action
Like bad teeth I can’t wait to see your extraction.
Watching historically the world reaction.
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World Reaction Lyrics

Speirosmusic – World Reaction Lyrics