(1)Hey yeah, listen to me please
For she’s hot, some degrees.
She’s real good-lookin’ and
She knows what’s cookin, and
She’ll knock you down to your knees.
But don’t be taken by her skin,
Her pretty eyes, her hair or her grin.
Run for cover or
You’re gonna be in trouble
For she can cause your end to begin.

‘Cos she’s a heart-breaking woman
Her reputation’s known through the town
A heart-breaking woman
She’s known to fool around
Yeah, a heart-breaking woman.

Hey yeah, listen to me lad
If you heed my words you’ll be glad.
She’ll lead your heart to
Paradise at the start,
But then she’ll bleed it dry and leave you sad.
So take your leave before it can start.
You gotta put a cover over your heart.
For the serpent hisses
Once you taste her kisses.
It’s only time before she’s torn it apart.


Hey, yeah. I hope I saved you the pain.
She’s only gonna do it again.
For there’ll be no laughter
As it ends in disaster
Ever after in your heart and your brain.
For if you’re thinking of a place in her life,
And asking if she’ll stay as your wife.
You’ll hear her yell
“I got another feller”
Then she’ll cut you off, as though with a knife.

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Heartbreaking Woman Lyrics

Speirosmusic – Heartbreaking Woman Lyrics