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Better Dayz Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – Better Dayz Lyrics

[Intro: SpaceGhostPurrp]

Come thru' with the .45
Let a nigga on this shit
And I don't give a fuck about a bitch
If you disrespect me, Hell will come in this bitch
I'ma murk you in this bitch
That's Real (That's really Real)
And I'm chilling in this bitch
And you know I am the shit
And you know i speak the way how I feel

[Verse: SpaceGhostPurrp]

And you know I stay coolin'
And you know just what I'm doing
And you know I come thru with that shit (With that shit)
And you know I go stupid
You know I love shootin'
I come thru and I kill your bitch (Kill your bitch)
And you know I'm never hidin'
You know I stay slidin'
You know I got money in this bitch (In this Bitch)
And you know we stay ridin'
You know it's homicidin'
You know it's killing niggas in this bitch (In this Bitch, nigga)
All these bad bitches, All these bad bitches
I fuck bad bitches every week (Yah, Yah)
Gettin' to the riches, Gettin' to the riches
Shittin' on these bitches every week (Yah)
Gettin' to the money every week (Every week, man)
Man i get money then I tweak (Then I tweak, nigga)
Man I get fresher every week (Every week, nigga)
Man I live it up every week (Every week, nigga)
Man these niggas ain't livin', these niggas ain't livin'
These niggas ain't livin', man they weak (Man, they shit)
I'm out here travelin'
I'm going to Cali, I'm going to Cali
Like Big E (Like Big E, yeah)
I'm out here thuggin', I'm out here thuggin'
I'm feeling like two [?]
Yeah I'm mean muggin' Yeah I'm mean muggin'
You know I'm selling drugs every week (Yah, Yah)
Yo' bitch watchin', Yo' bitch watchin'
Yeah yo' bitch stay watchin' me (Yah, Yah)
I'm so cocky, I'm so cocky
This why she fell in love with me

[Outro: SpaceGhostPurrp]

And my rings [?]
Ruby Red Eagle on my feet
Got more bitches than Jerry Springer (Yah)
She look like Selena, She look like Selena (Yah)
Britney Spears (Yah)
Lightskin, blonde hair like Britney Spears
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