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She Feelin Me Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – She Feelin Me Lyrics

What's good
What it do, what it do nigga
What it do, what it do my nigga
Nigga, Purrp my nigga
What it do, my nigga
What's good, nigga
What's happening

Shawty is the one cuz she feeling what I'm feeling
She know I'm the one, cuz I'm feeling what she feeling

[Verse 1]
Going hard everyday, you know how she like it
Shawty is a freak, but she know how to hide it
Loyal ass shawty, damn girl you a real one
Get my Glock 40, cuz you know a nigga love guns
Shoot it in the air, nigga I don't care
If you see 12, hide the drugs in your hair
"Where did Purrp go"?
Bitch, I been laying low
Niggas say I fell off, cuz I'm falling in this hoe
Bitch, I guess you mad
Cuz a nigga like me putting on
Getting to the cash
Man I love flexing on a shone
Shawty want me bad
And she bad, she is not a shone
Riding hella fast in the Jag
Bitch you know I'm gone
Shout out [?] street
Nigga that's my home
The fam fuck with me, had my back
Yeah that's how it go
Nigga I'm a boss
Jealousy, yeah that shit for hoes
Put God first, never last, he gon bless you bro


[Verse 2]
Brand new whips, brand new ice
Brand new golds, everything I like
Brand new cribs, brand new shoes
Bitch, you know what's happening
Why should I lose?
To all them fake bitches, I'mma shit on you
All them fake niggas, I'mma stunt on you
I'mma act a fool, you gon watch me too
Like, "damn, this nigga swagging on me, too"
DoughDough call Fonzo, get the tool
Do yo ass like Alonzo and shoot at you
Shawty yellow and she pretty and she want me too
Shawty caramel, pretty and she want me too
And I want them too, guess what I'm gon do
Put they ass in a crib like Hugh Hefner do
Cuz they both bi, and they say I'm papi
He, buku bano, getting that sloppy toppy

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