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Possessed Pt. 2 Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – Possessed Pt. 2 Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Devil took my soul, so all I fucking know is
Get this motherfucking pistol, kill yo kids
Kill the whole world, kill everybody
I don't give a fuck
I just wanna murk you niggas
I don't give a fuck
Man, the devil in my soul, so I don't give a fuck
If you disrespect me, I'mma wet you up
That's real nigga shit
Get the pistol on my motherfucking hip
Let that shit blow, and blow that shit right at your face
I don't give a fuck
I murk a nigga everyday
Devil in my soul, and I'm feeling like toting that K
Slide through in that 4-door
Come through in an all black vogue, vogue yeah
Hopping out with a black ski mask
And I commit crimes, every single time when I'm on the laced up shit
Bloody ass on a nigga like me when I'm committing murder shit
Already know, I love getting on that murder shit

Devil in my soul, so you know I feel like murking
Devil in my soul, so you know I feel like murking
So, I feel like murking
The devil in my soul, the demons in my soul
The demons in my flesh, you can see it in my face
Straight taking souls

[Verse 2]
Hypnotized, hypnotized, possessed
I come through with the fucking bulletproof vest
Aim it at yo chest, with the motherfucking M16
Let that shit spray, man yeah she die today
Man, kill this pussy nigga
Man, blow his brains out
I don't give a fuck
I kill him and his whole gang and his gang and his crew
And take his clout
If I see that bitch, I'mma motherfucking kill that hoe
Open hole, put the pistol in her pussy
Then blow her stomach
Baby bitch, I don't fuck with you
All yall niggas lame as fuck
Fuck with me you dying too
If this nigga try me again, he gon die too
Put the 12-gauge to his motherfucking nose, and blow the shit
Out his motherfucking head and have blood on his clothes
Infared dot on the shirt and stain em up
And I don't give a fuck man, the devil in my soul
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