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Who I Be Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – Who I Be Lyrics

[Hook x6]
They know who I be
Bitches loving me
Got to get the cream
Niggas fucking with my steez

Fuck that playa' hating shit
Talking 'bout I ain't shit
But I still got your mothafucking bitch on my dick
This that real gangsta shit
Lay back play this shit
Fuck niggas can't relate so they steady hate this shit
No negotiating shit
I don't trust the fucking bitch
If she on some loyal shit
She can get on my dick
Fuck you and your clique
Swear to god, you ain't shit
Fucking with the darkside hit you with the hollow tip
Full clip, finger grip
Bloody face let it drip
Leave your whole body stiff
From your head to your hips
Damn I love it when a pussy nigga run his lip
Cause we always catch them slipping then we fuck around and get fucked
Oh for real
That's how this shit got to go
And bitches love my flow
So I ain't got to try no more
Let it drip
Cause tonight you was my ho
And she gon' ride this dick
While I give her wet some more


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