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Snapback 90's Nigga Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – Snapback 90's Nigga Lyrics

Bitch sippin' on some mothafuckin lean codeine
Levi jeans to match my DC's
The Band, lookin at yo mothafuckin man
Fuckin round dat nigga with the gun up in his fuckin hand
Faggot niggas, got triggers then I take 'em away
Have 'em laced around the way every fuckin day
Young nigga, grew up to that fuckin Eazy E
Watchin these young niggas jerkin' like some B-I-T-C-H's
Man I hate these fuckin ways these niggas actin' everyday
Lookin like hella hoes
Gettin hella o's sellin it
I'm yellin it loud so you niggas can hear that I'm black and proud
These bitch ass crackers hatin on a black president
I never knew that I would be up in this residents
Livin in a big house, sip in a penthouse
Pimp house sweet yeah put yo mouth out
I put my mothafuckin dick in yo' bitch mouth
MJ23 thats what im talkin bout
Spaceghostpurrp and I grew up on that trill shit
Yeah nigga and im lookin for a trill bitch
Come fuck with a gangsta nigga
Cause I know im not a wanksta nigga
You a bitch ass ho
Thinkin that I'mma fall for yo fool game, runnin game no Im not a lame
Comin' in this mothafucka with the train
Stars on my neck gold diamonds in this bitch
Fuckin round with the NASA gang
Yankee nigga bitch, no Im not a haitian nigga
Yes I am a yankee bitch
Comin through with the bandana
Goddamn im flamin hard like Juel fuckin Santana
Nigga this ain't nobody to claim but goddamn
Shout out to my blood niggas shout out to the fuckin game
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