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Po'up Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – Po'up Lyrics

[Hook x2]
Po'up (I want it)
I'm fucked up (She on me)
I'm counting them bands (one hundreds)
All my bitches great (They love me)

Hotel room, two goddess's they loving me
One sitting on my face, the other one here sucking me
Now I'm hella' fucked up
And ya'll tryna' sober me
Tearing up that pussy while the other bitch all over me
Nah I ain't a leprechaun
But bitch I get them cloverleaf's
One is for that mary-jane the other one is currency
See currently I'm getting to the money
It ain't nothing to it
Shittin' on these jealous ass niggas
Only Raiders do
Hoes, yeah they notice me, bag 'em like a grocery
Put 'em in the whip and then we dip
Popping ecstasy
Blessed to be the best of me
Yo Purrp you got the best of me
When she saying no, just know that pussy saying yes to me
Yo' bitch she laying next to me
Watching me on MTV
Countin' hella' hundreds nigga, that's the way its supposed to be
It's O-N-E, my floetry, I'm spittin' as a poetry
If you ain't about money, pussy nigga you annoying me

[Hook x2]
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