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Nonchalant Music Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – Nonchalant Music Lyrics

Cut the pussy nigga off, got him looking stupid
Getting money on these pussy niggas, man, I'm foolish
Shitting on my old bitch, man, how you do this?
Man, it's Purple Haze, man, I get so foolish
Shout out big homie Shawty Lo, he got me feeling foolish
Shitting on these fake niggas, that is how I do it
Man, I run the whole city, man, you ain't stupid
If you disrespect my niggas, man, they get to shooting
These niggas jealous of me, these niggas plotting on me
These niggas scared as fuck, you is not my homie
These niggas hella scary, these niggas got no self-esteem
And these niggas mad I got high self-esteem
Man, I be swagging on yo whole damn team
Man, I do not sell my bitch no dream
Me and my bitch on boss shit, got cream
And you know we got the rocks on me
Gold-Gold in my teeth, gold-gold in my slug
I don't squash beef but boy, you is a bug
You can get squished
See that nigga in person, then that nigga will get mushed, ayy
Like Bush, presidential like Bush
I be in Dubai feeling like George Bush
Presidential kush, shout out to Wiz Khalifa
Catch me in Dubai chilling in the Big Khalifa
Salam to my killers
All my niggas drillars, all my niggas hittas
Salam to the east, man, I'm still rocking with ya
Man, we some terrorists, man, we some hittas
Yeah, I'm rocking with you if you on some real shit
I'll only fuck with you if you on some loyal shit
It's Purple fucking Haze and I got a bad bitch
And she love this fucking dick, yeah, she came on my dick
She came 10 times, 'bout 2 rounds
Yeah I'm-Yeah I'm the king, got me dicking my bitch down
Put on-Put on for the town, bitch, I run the whole town
I run the whole fucking state, had Bernie on my plate
I fell in love with money, man, how could you hate?
Shout out to that nigga Kodak, he put on for the Southside
[?] slugging, hella mean mugging
Real niggas do real things, stay thugging
Niggas don't [?], some real niggas go [?]
Real niggas don't pussy out when it's time to do
Real niggas don't pussy out when it's time to do something real
If you ain't 'bout that life, pussy nigga, take out yo grill
'Cause if you ain't, I'ma take yo grill and break it down
Take it to the pawnshop and get me 'bout a pound
Of money or something, a hunnid or something
Getting to this money, bitch, you know I love stunting
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