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Uonwannodrama Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Uonwannodrama Lyrics

I been zaggin' on these hoes
Like a young Tommy Wiseau
Step into my room, then you gotta go
Whats up whats up with it tho
If you wanna talk pay a fee
Got a team as crazy as me
Fuckin' round will get you hit wit somethin' in the neck to quit you talking like the D.O.C
Criminently you little shits need to skeddadle the fuck away from me
What the hell ya tryin' to prove ya little fella
Take the L and be out peacefully

Run it up, keep on runnin baby, get to bookin
Pullin' out pullin' up, everybody lookin'
Neighbors think we methed out but its just juugin'
Six stoves in my house, everybody cookin'
Baby baby D do whatever i want to
Everything you can't do
Shit I always thought i couldn't
The difference between you and me is you're a dumb bitch about to get stuck
And I'm an angel who gets buck
And you're a buck angel who gets fucked
-woosah. Silly dilly got the juice
-booyah with my tribe, goin' live
Spray a silly goose
I'll show ya how to turn a hundred into five hundred
Hit me on my second line don't hit up my number
I hear the click click but I ain't tryin to hide copper
Ratatata boom like triggerman, with the life stopper
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