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Sweet Talk Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Sweet Talk Lyrics

Baby are you a track star
Cause you’ve been running through my mind all day
I don’t even have to think back far
I got better things to do than chill at the bar
Fuck this I’m out
Take me back to the car
Back thataway
You can hurt me and I’ll beg like Hathaway if you come over Saturday
I got a hundred and twenty days of operating properly
Obviously a monster in the cotton sheets
Don’t even let me get to linen
It isn’t even Egyptian Thread count
One in a Million cause I’m winning
I never stopped being a volunteer
As I volunteer
To bring you from there to here grinning ear to ear
The soundtrack doesn’t interfere
As we listen to old Prince
And television and hooskerdoo
I’m begging after-dark
I got a fever for the flavor
Heavy pettin’ you hard enough to wake up your neighbors

Lots of lovers are knockin’ on ya door
They wanna sweet, sweet talk ya
But ya heard it all before [x4]

In your direction I flash you a cautious look (hi!)
I don’t know what it is exactly but it feels like a Jane Austen look
And so for me the situation got the proper look
I’m hoping my Jodessey tapes and vegan crepes got you hooked
Like I know that they can
To you I’d be a devoted man
Holding hands; We could even go to Japan
My virtues are pretty much old as sand
And I’m taking a poetic stance like Guy Pestino The Postal Man
Special delivery
Pop Punk is dead unlike chivalry
I got it so come get with me
Sit with me and kiss me intimately
I could take you to the Ball of Mist of promenades in the symphony
I got that minty leaf
I’m already on the third installment
And with you in trying to secure my involvement
Hot cool vicious game never salted
But I got the pepper to pep you up and my rep is never dissolving

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