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Rozz Dyliams – CHN GNG GNG BNG Lyrics

[Verse 1]
If you do not know what I'm about look closer
Keep my friends close but I keep my drugs closer
And I keep a pistol in a holster
Watch a motherfucker get wet like mimosa
And I am feeling kinda braggadocios
No! No rock beats by the dude Flying Lotus
Critics everywhere say that I'm the best in store
Because I'm on another level like a second floor
I'm at it again bragging with a pad and a pen
But you motherfuckers outdated like jagged edge
So if a slick rhyme what you want
I flow heavy like its that time of the month ugh
And I ain't even hit my prime
But I keep it quite fresh like cherry lemon lime
Never get smacked but I'm always outta line
Fine with this rap biz cause I'm never outta lines
I'ma keep rocking till I am outta time
Cause y'all about the penny Dylan Ross 'bout the dime
Life is sweet when you hit the main line
Like Hunter S Thompson in 79
And that's the way I rock this game yo
59-50 and I never rock a Kangol
Beats bounce like a scene girl's butt
When she dance to the song and you turn the bass up
Fuck it
Whack emcees helpless
I'm in the bottom like a motherfucking shellfish
Plus battling me is a fatality
I stay high like a penthouse balcony
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