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Peek-A-Boo Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Peek-A-Boo Lyrics

Peek a boo
I see you

What's the deal baby
You gotta hold it steady
You gotta work it like you own it, get your home ready
I like Veronica because she go so good with Betty
I know you jealous and you wish that you could look this pretty
A lonely pervert living in a rainy gloomy city
If you fuckin' with my money, you might even lose a kidney
Gotcha sh sh shaking just like rooney
When I do it to ya
20 minutes after you must get out of my room ya friggin' nutria floozy
Life is raccoon city, hit you with the shit, it's a kadoozie
Zuza Zulma went an dropped her inhibitions for my movie
Before we talk, you must send a video right
Put your whole fist in your mouth until you gag and start to cry
If you don't understand your simpin', so Ima tell ya why
It mean that she don't play no games upfront so I don't waste my time
Hiccup on this rozzy wine or Get this nut shot up your spine
Pig father is a wolf, eyein' up the dying swine
Rabid rampage in the red tent, baring teeth and glaring eyes
Young Jekle barely Hyde
Just enough to make you mine
Know ya loved me at first sight Ever since earlier tonight
Ancient secret craft master pimpin' game passed down through time
Drop a hex up on yo brain and get up in your lil mind
Do a spell and make you feel just like a princess stopped in time
Stop and hit rewind
Satan get behind the finest trick of mine
They try to hit me with it but real goliaths never die
Comin' down with savage game I'll cut you off and sever ties
I don't sympathize
With you hoe nor do I empathize
Work the bitch like Pat Rich hoe, Ima dive , in the cash
You know you ain't shit, so quit tellin' lies
It ain't wise, if you wanna leave livin' half alive
Do you know the sound when a sliced up dove cries
Parasite Eve trickin' Adam since the dawn of time
I never trust you hoes, still ya wonder why
Trust ya bout as far as I can throw ya in the fuckin' sky
I ain't like those other guys
Harem of a hundred wives
Just around the way, stay a real stout junt of mine
With fuck me eyes and thunder thighs who make my money multiply
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