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Mr. Hero Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Mr. Hero Lyrics

(Has your parent or guardian ever yelled at you for not remembering to get the quarter back outta the shopping cart]

[Rozz Dyliams]
one time in the endless summer with no end
in Marion where this particular summer was spent
middle american dilapidation needles in the street
Little Caesars, diabetes everything you'll ever need
acrylic bong burning big bags of mid grade weed
hell yeah motherfucker I'm saving every seed
my haro rusted in the shed but I'm too grown for that
besides my little brother building BMX bikes on the back porch like 24/7
fuck the cops i be holdin' guap
one hand on the drugs under my nuts
and the other on a polar pop
all through the town ships and towns that don't have shopping malls
so we get to drinking cobra all evening
we burnin white grape
white owls till the sun comes up
living like the only people in the world is us
in a bucket bumpin Natas with the trunk popped up
then we went out to Bexly and everything just went up from there

I'm going back home
But only because I miss Mr. Hero
I smoke a thousand joints with my baby brother
then we go right back to Mr. Hero
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