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Wanna Be Down Freestyle Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Wanna Be Down Freestyle Lyrics

Enough to kick this little freestyle
Another freestyle
About us
For the fan

[Dylan Ross]
Cause I might be riding Beamer
Might be riding Bens
You tripping on me
You tripping Lens
Meet us at the hotel
Bring a couple friends
I’m steady making ends
Get it by the tens
When I say the ten I mean the ten-thousands
I ain’t ever gonna stop
This I’ll never end
Shining like this
Shining like that
Smoke a couple bongs and I smoke a couple bats
Batted out the park
Never been a mark
Steady riding Buick
Never riding Skylark
So tell me what’s the word
Whatever you heard
I’m chilling on line all day like a bird (Twitter)
I get it from the city and I push it in the burbs
Street scientist
yeah I look like a nerd
Never looking shife
Sharper than a knife
Went gold today
And platinum the other night
Never rocking ice
Only when I wanna
Smoking marijuana
Bitch yusa gonna
When I’m freestyling yeah I’m repping Stoner Gang
And I’m repping Pizza Click
you should get with it mane
Ripping Lens beats
I’ve been ripping em all week
I’m only down with a bitch if she can prove she a freak
Most of em can’t
Most of em won’t
But every bitch will try to break herself off a piece
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