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Simon Of The Desert Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Simon Of The Desert Lyrics

Bitch I'm high
Like Simon of the desert
Though that I was Simon rhyming about end of times and the minds perception
Sinner step I'm slicing heads and headed in the right direction
Hyper active, hypertension
Hype about sign or message of the divine intervention
But it's just another temptress trynna tempt me with the endless Throw the one to Satan's wenches
Trying to get my debit digits
Rozzy really will go straight gorilly
Really crack they heads in
If they trynna test my pimping
Dropping bombs with diamonds dripping
Your guts all over the family room
And then I step to brighter ventures
Put hot lead in head
Disintegrate your teeth then hide your dentures
I just wanna murder you
Don't test me, do not try it, mister
Vamping out the scene
I soak the shit in gasoline
I'm looking for a little accomplice that wanna be the lighter flicker
I deliver pain you psycho sick insane, I'm psycho sicker
I don't wanna do it but I gotta do it
Imma get you, fit you in the circle, then I murc you
When I slide the clip in
Though that I was triping off of twizzum, I ain't high on it
I'm tripping off the mental malfunction my fucking mind a prison
Plotting, scheming, deemin, heavy handed hustle hybrid demon
I don't give a fuck about a thing
I never do
I never will
But still a paper chasing money freak and
I believe in dreaming of a better day but with the rapping it won't happen
So I gotta go and get the Stanley Steemer

Thinking bout my cousin crashing in the beamer that he got
Then he got another beamer
Dude the envy got me greener
Now because he never got a chance to take a breath and so he took a stab at death(?) and blown his skull into a million pieces
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