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Lipotech Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Lipotech Lyrics

Hey baby, do you remember what tonight is?
It's our anniversary, aren't you so delighted?
Elated, and frightened?
I made the operation schedule
Now all them butterflies in your stomach so excited
For now they are but mere cocoons
And soon they will be flying
I'm a forceps owner and I'm diving, right in
Words from hell I'm boomin, the monster is a human
With his hand upon your daughters shoulder just like Joseph Biden
The evil hand on mind is the same hand that softly guide it
Gently to the promise land, I part the sea and swim inside it
The one that handed me the quince and I've been cursed ever since
That fateful night in the garden I decided to bite it
Now I go through life branded with the mark of the tyrant
A lord like Byron, I have my way with every siren
I tried being normal once and I was bored
People are like chess pieces on my board and that's the way I like it
Here's an exercise, if you took my heart and sliced it
Maggots would fall out the area you put the knife in
I been causing mass hysteria the way I like it
People are so stupid if you think about it my man
My woman
My LGBTPQL-times-ten-triple-Q-RNFB-plus-29-you get me?
Hardest rapper of the damn century
You see the evil when you look in my eyes
I believe in the dispersion of coercion
As for chaos, mine is organized
This is an independent unauthorized hospital, dog
The operating theater likened to a tabernacle, church, mosque and synagogue
Mo bodies coming in, to the dung-e-on, got you wondering
Who the man, with the pen in hand
I just jot it down and toe tag, and then I slip it on
Ain't nobody fucking with the mane, or the plane of existence I'm on
Feeling like i hit a 30 rock and get the surgical (smot?), then I slip it on
Got a voice of reason in my head that told me when you're dead, you sing a different song
Slipping out of sanity, the sanitation of my quarters is a different one

I might want to put you under anesthesia, jezebel
The hate is swelling, telling me to make a patient shake and yell
I don't know quite what I'm feeling but a demon came and told me
Kiss and hold me til I don't feel lonely and I break the spell
Get me out the Grey's Anatomy vision I'm trapped inside
I can't decide on if I let ya live, or if you have to die
I just want to do it, choose it, love the sight of fluid, oozing
Leaking out your body, trippin' off the morbid chamber music

I'm like a spider when it eats a bigger spider (no)
I'm like a spider when it eats a roach
I'm like a roach when it eats a rat (no)
I'm like a vulture when it eats a cat (no)
I'm like a penthouse tenant who felt that no matter what the wealth, he didn't have it in him
So he jumped and made a splat
I'm like a lipotech who sucks that fat
I'm like the sickest urges deep inside you
Try to hide but know you can't
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