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King Tut Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – King Tut Lyrics

Fuckin' with oldenburg germany
I got the herb in me and it's disturbin' me
Workin' the pen in overtime and rhymin' the burgandy
Fluid and fluently painting a murder scene
Urgently they gon' have to call emergency
To pick you up its no troubles and then to the urn you'll be
After the burner be up in yo face and performing a surgery, perfectly
Pyscho sounds in ya mothafuckin' face
Back to the dope track, boomin' like the bass
Young dylan ross drop like a whole case of the guinness
For the black and purple with the lean chase
Grippin' on the nine, that paper with the green face
Brain full of animosity beneath a mean face
All over the map with the wrap,
And you know i'm never breakin' up the back
Cause i gotta keep it laced
Beatin up the block with the rock in the sock
And a damn hydroshock and i'm never gonna stop
With the ana cannon and i'm buckin' at ya muthafuckin' head and then
Admittin' imma make the lemon drop
Call me young jessie james on the boulevard lookin' hard
With the .22 kept up in the jacket
Actin like a killa with the little millimeter
Actually thinkin' that you hard but you aint even a fraction
Up in the scene, know what i mean, lookin' so mean, poppin' a bean
Enemies will drop when the handzum one is near
Steppin' to me, you be defeat,
Flip them like a crucifix and then proceed to make your body shatter like a mirror
I may disappear in the cut, break it down, monkey nut,
Then i'm mappin out cause i gotta get buck
Jookin' hella hard, in the graveyard, moon walk, king tut
With the balaclava and the pump
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