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Cry With Me Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Cry With Me Lyrics

I’m about to rock right now
Cause ten Ativans hit the spot right now
It’s dark out
But in the house it’s all white clouds
If you ask me how I’m feeling then it’s all right now
I like living slow I just wish the world would pipe down
Oh I got this risla
I got five more to roll before I turn the lights down
Let the smoke from my window spread through the entire town
Steppin’ around and handling like President Brown
Breaking pounds down for the team and spreading them around
I’m bumping SESH louder than humanly aloud
To express how in proud about where I used to be and where I am now I am now
If I’m allowed a bit more time
I’d just let nature takes its time
And focus on rhyming and on my shock
For realignment
I’m in this bitch on an assignment
It might look like I’m rhyming but really I think I’m more of a social scientist

If you wanna see what I feel
Get high with me
If you wanna see how I live
Just ride with me
If you wanna hear what I hear
Just vibe with me
If you wanna feel what I feel
Just cry with me
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