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I Must Serenade You Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – I Must Serenade You Lyrics

[Verse 1]
As I proceed to give you what you need
I will succeed
The Scottish lover coming through like I learned from an Egyptian
My addiction keeping rhythm when body language is written
And I am spending my time on whatever it is that I invest in
Rhyme written something similar to a private message
I’m delivering just to let you know that I’m into ya
Slithering to ya
Gaining interest
Do you take invents in a polymeric is human nature
Then if you got some other shit going on
It doesn’t make a difference
I don’t get jealousy ever never just can’t get with it
Cause I’m with this
And I know you get it
Kicking it with a crazy musician hot on the heels of affection
First impressions
Based on looks
Id like to imagine you have a great taste in books
And know your way around a French press and all that shit
In the morning in one of my shirts pouring me this

[Verse 2]
Wrecking the set
Gorgeous when wet
The more that I get
The more that I want
The more sorted I get
The more that I need
To exceed your expectations
If every there’s a situation
Cause I’m patiently waiting
But I’m impatient to see if you wanna stay for an utterly amazing vacation
And if you facilitate it
I musta made it
I’m looking at a goddess thru the goggles of infatuation
Facing the muse with tattoos
All mine
Hella work
From the ankle to the jawline
Hello my name is Dylan
I’m a Capricorn
If you feel it hit me up on the 2am flipping getting jiggy
Sipping alaze’ in the dimmest from a distance
Admiring your every imperfection only with a subtle persistence
For instance can you get with
How we need edifying love on behalf of the princes
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