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Break The Notch Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Break The Notch Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Headshot boom Headshot boom Headshot
Red dot bring em' Ring Of Death just like Xbox
Generate the funds a degenerate like X-Pac
Flashbacks like an ex-pat when I wet the spot
Buck 'em all, I don't give a fuck at all
Let 'em rot, ruthless by nature above the law wavin' my dick at god
Ripping through your city like a tyrant you can't get to stop
Chocolate tied up in my woods I'm thinking "Should I hit your block?"
Mac a bitch to get me rich and then I go and rip the notch
Pimpin' heart thats cold like ice, I don't think twice just rip the knot
I been on my shit
People equal shit I shit you not
Make your brains hit the street before the beat hit the drop
Said you working, you ain't doing shit, you need to get a job
I've been on my job, you need to take a seat, I'm bout my hog
Bout the step
Live by yo rep
Die by the yok
Quick to talking slow to pull it, pull it, leave you traced in chalk
Hollow tips are singing through the sky like a heavenly choir
Stangin' like a bumble bee
Creepin' with a deadly desire
Smoking indica to calm my body, I can't get no higher
Fire in my eyes as ana 'bout to make me go hay wire
Sinister, locced out, criminal Michael Myers
Make them jump back with the pump
I peel your shit just like some tire
Smashing out just like Pirelli
Get it crunk like DJ Jelly
Dylan up on the damn scene with the missile that rip you to shreds and re-arrange your belly

Break the notch
Break the notch
Break the notch
Break the notch
Break the notch
Break the notch
Break the notch
Young pimpin player break the notch
Break the notch
Break the notch
Break the notch
Break the notch
Break the notch
Break the notch
Break the notch
Young pimpin player break the notch

[Verse 2]
Boy you 'bout to go-go missing
Bound with hands and feet both missing
Wish my opposition would come step to me and test my pimping
Popping on bitches just like Acne
Smack me, tell me am I dreaming?
Bloody pistol gleaming seem to be pointed in your direction
Sipping on gin and juice and thinking about a surgical incision
Sewed up like Joanna, man I'm (?) switches
Hitting bitches with the tec, with the reality check
Break yourself
Drop it all
Break your knees and drop a neck
Swanging out the passenger side of the ride like fuck your set
If you willing to hustle like Dylan you must hop and step
Step and slide, bitch I'm getting live
Check the pedigree
Criminal minded hustler, booming dope , don't act so deadly G
I'm coming up, stangin' n bangin 'n claiming the game n' looney gankin'
Got these vision of stacking business with bitches booty shaking
Whippin' em workin' em sippin' that (?) and jerkin' em bout to lose my patience
Solo dolo so no one know the depths of the move I'm making
Pockets stay on budda belly
Smelly indonesia breaking
Worship satan, laws I'm breakin'
Too damn crunk for the TV station
Facing the evilness when you look in the eyes of the mask
When you driving back from work I silently hide in the back
I'm doing the deadly destruction bitch I get high off of that
Sinning since the beginning condemned to hell right off the bat
Spike up the bat and hit you til it come right out your back
Boomin these words like I'm straight out of hell when I'm yelling it bust out my evil ass rap
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